The Hypnotherapy process is focused on resolving the issue first & foremost, and I as a HHHypnosis certified hypnotherapist aim to do so in as little time as possible while still attending to the overall well-being of the client.  For this reason, some issues require no more than 1-2 sessions for the client to feel significant changes regarding the issue. Please check the descriptions under “Services” to see which specific issues can usually be resolved “fast” through hypnotherapy. Generally Hypnotherapy is far more efficient than Talk Therapy for example. Though the client has to be ready and willing to dive deep into unconscious memories and experience uncomfortable emotions. For some clients, it is advisable to start with Talk Therapy or Coaching first for getting to know oneself better, for having someone that truly listens and guides the client step by step back to their true self.
Naturally, personal evolvement starts with one small step and is never finished. However, it is entirely up to you how many topics you want to address.
My goal is to empower you as quickly as possible to make the first changes in your life.
In my experience, there are phases in life where my clients need closer guidance and phases in life where they only need guidance occasionally or not at all.