But how do we reach this blissful state of śāntiḥ?

In the first stages of practicing Yoga, we can master the mind. We gain clarity and cultivate our relationship to Prana. We become more grounded, stable, sensitive, more compassionate, more vital. We develop courage and willpower. Our mind and our body will eventually reach the state of absolute peace.

Your soul though, it settles into your specific body, with your specific constitution, and into this specific world to fulfill its specific higher purpose, its very own Dharma. 

If you refuse to listen to what life wants to teach you, if you refuse to have a closer look at your own inner beliefs, at your own traumas, at your own dramas, your own patterns. If you do not break out of the loop – if you keep spinning in the same circle over and over again (even if every circle might appear slightly different), your soul is never going to be at peace. 

Your soul is here to fulfill its very own Dharma, and it will not settle unless you let go of whatever is holding you back, unless you find out what you are here for – and go for it it with no excuse.

If you do so, you will become a radiant force of yourself. 

Your true nature will illuminate your own path – and the paths of so many more. 

Picture by beautiful Emma Salvado